About Us


For five generations, our family has taken great pride in growing high quality almonds and walnuts in Northern California. Bertagna Nut Company is excited to be a leader in the production of Red Walnuts. These nuts, also known as the Livermore Walnut, were cultivated without genetic modifications by Robert Livermore in 1991, and showcased through UC Davis. We immediately recognized the appeal for this new variety and were among the first in California to plant acreage.


Truly one of a kind, the Livermore differs from all English walnuts because of its deep red skin and rich, buttery flavor. Nutritionally, it stands side by side with the English walnut as a healthful option for both snacking and cooking, while offering a striking presentation. From our family to your families table, we trust you will discover unlimited ways to enjoy the great taste of our Red Walnuts.


We believe in a consumer's right to know where their food is coming from. Everyone at Bertagna Nut Company are grateful to be an in-house, start-to-finish operation, able to sell this unique product directly to you.

We love what we do! Please check out the video!